ARC Request

ARC Request


If you are interested in doing any remodeling in your unit, you will need send in an ARC form which must be approved before any work can be done. Please download the pdf by clicking here: ARC Form

In additional to the application form, please include the following:
1. Description of the improvement.
2. Location of the improvement.
3. Materials to be used and color of materials.
4. Detailed drawing of improvements.
5. Name of person/contractor doing the work, including the Contractor’s CCB
license number, and proof of insurance listing the association as an additional
6. The Association reserves the right to see a copy of all work invoices to determine the
actual construction done.

Once completed, please send us the form either via email to: [email protected] or mail it to us at:

“Association name”
c/o CA Partners
PO Box 2429
Beaverton, OR 97075

Please note that a the ARC Committee or Board needs to review each request. Please allow adequate processing time.