Our Company Decree

Our Company Decree

17 Nov, 2015 |

What is Community Association Partners?

We are a Homeowners association management company that puts emphasis in partnership and transparency. Without working as a partner with the associations we manage, there is no way we could make the impact on this industry that we’re pushing for. We want to bring change to HOA management, because as of right now the business suffers from a lack of honesty and trust. There have even been a few cases locally where a HOA management company was stealing from the very associations they were supposed to be guiding. Nothing can fix the image of HOA management other than giving people a reason to do so. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and we want to do it for the next fifty.

With that being said, we wanted to share our company decree in our first official blog…

Today, we will use our knowledge to make our communities a better place to live. Because that’s what we’d want for ourselves and our families.

Today, we will place the interests of our associations before an easier way.

Today, we will ensure that our associations know the whys whens and hows, because this industry has a transparency problem. We’re going to change that.

Today, we will do what we promised we would do, today. .

Today, we will hold ourselves accountable.

Today, we won’t be stuck in our ways. Flexibility isn’t just flexibility. It’s strength too.

Today, we will make it easier for our board members to sleep, tonight.

Today, we will help to make every community we manage, a real community

Today, we will lean on our office-dogs for comfort and Joy.

Today we will change the industry of HOA management. Because let’s face it, it needs a little bit of change. And tomorrow, we will do it all over again.

  • Ready for Fall!Ready for Fall!

    Ready for Fall!


    We are all ready for Fall, and the change it will bring!

  • Congratulations!Congratulations!



    Congratulations to the Decatur Bridgewater Vista Condominiums for achieving the 2016 Association of the Year with Community Associations Institute!! Thank you also to the CA